Sunday, April 24, 2011

Out of control!

He's been doing well, readings have been where they should be...but today he messed up and was eating candy everytime I looked at him...and then we noticed he had not taken any pills today...ugh...over 300 when he took his he took pills and had a sandwich and his insulin shot and the sons got all the candy out of the house...
It isn't like I am a bad example I have not had even a piece of candy since last October...I freaked out learning about autoimmune diseases and how it is not good to have sweets and like an alcoholic I can't even have one leads to more more here I am the nondiabetic not eating candy and he's a diabetic and eating candy...I was so annoyed...but he stopped and he looked remorseful so I guess that is the way it is.

Not out of the woods yet.

And the pain is still there so he mostly sits...this too shall pass, or will it?


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Rough going

He's suffering...with pain pills without pain pills...quality of life is poor. And yet his spirits are still good and his sugar readings are much more acceptable these on we trudge through the gates of diabetic hell...but I can't complain...his spirits are good. That's half the day to day battle. HUGS to you all.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

How low will it go

Well, hubby complained about not feeling well and being clammy...he took his blood sugar and it was 74. He just ate a sensible meal, roast chicken, asparagus, baked potatoes and a few strawberries...he tested is blood pressure and it was good...then he had a banana and a pear but he still felt off, not well...he tried a little homemade granola I made out of buckwheat flakes, honey, raisins, and nuts...perhaps this is low for him and that is why he felt the way he did. I am not used to lows...he had a new diabetic med added so maybe it will take time for him to get it all regulated. HUGS hope you all are having a lovely evening.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

You guys are right according to this source...

My hubby may be adamant about people remembering what they do even with low sugar, but many sources support what you all are describing, the actions that come about with low sugar, the acts that are forgotten. Google it and you will see, so sorry I upset you with what my husband believes...I told him what I found and he still thinks that people remember, perhaps his has never been low enough to know. He has been clammy and disoriented when low. HUGS

Friday, April 1, 2011


Even though he is going to the chiropractor he is back to being in pain and unable to walk or stand for long...but spirits are good, sugar readings lower...only takes the oxychodone before bed...I have had a rough week...bleeding...OMG I am almost 58 and had to buy feminine supplies so I have my own problems...will be taking a break here...I love you all...hugs all around. stay positive when you can...vent the negative because you should...I'll be back, need a break. Take care.