Saturday, August 21, 2010

High high high

He says to me today, "My sugar is 482! I am so surprised. I feel great and I didn't suspect it would be this high." I felt sorry for him. I can see how hard this is...this thing called, "diabetes"...kind of a no win disease...he has a wrist brace on because his wrist hurts all the time. He is supposed to try the brace and next week when he is at the VA hospital for another appt. he has to get it x-rayed...everything effects the sugar readings it seems...I used to freak and remind him of everything he ate the day before but since he is more in control than I have ever seen him be I kept my mouth shut. Yes, he is still chewing Skoal long-cut straight and I am convinced that is not helping his readings, but what do I know...nicotine effects insulin...I read that...and he said he asked the doctor but I am skeptical...I wonder if he did and then again...we wives get tired of treating our diabetic husbands like children, questioning everything...should we walk into the appointments holding their hands?, I walked across the street and did some shopping when he was in the doctor's and hoped he would ask the right questions and get the answers he needs...he told me his doctor thought he was making progress....his blood pressure was good, his cholesterol readngs were better than before so I left it alone...he is more in control of the amounts of food he eats and even leaves some food on his plate, something that was unheard of in the not so distant I went shopping...we have to take care of ourselves too. RIGHT?

I am also going through some health concerns of my own and this helps to focus on me and not always just on his health...thyroid biopsies and possible surgery to remove a hematoma from the car accident we were in last April.

Sometimes we all need to just go shopping...