Saturday, July 31, 2010

All the traveling

We were away for two weeks and for the most part everything was fine...but I was very short with hubby on many occasions and am not sure if I was short with him or he bugged me for some reason and instead of tolerating it and blaming his sugar or health issues and excusing what bugged me on that, I was not tolerant.

What does it matter, I think...been so long dealing with his being a diabetic and most of that time his having high blood readings that I don't know anymore.

I wish he would stop chewing and I nag now and then about it, but I have my own issues lately and that is what I am focussing on...some feel-sorry-for-me time...not really feeling sorry, but focussing on my health issues instead of just his.

He does have a lot of his life under better control lately than I have seen him behave in the past, so that is encouraging.

I had to have a nuclear thyroid scan, due to a nodule and enlargement on the left side od my thyroid. I will find out if that is a problem on Monday.

Then I have the hematoma in my left breast that might have to be surgically removed... I have my own concerns.

It was a great to get away...we all benefited and the other day it was our 38th anniversary and we went away for the night for that and I must say it was fabulous! without the other would be dull, I guess. :)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Good most of the time...and then...snap!

Life has been fairly calm these days. Is it because he is retired and 80% disabled...or his blood sugar is controlled? Not sure...but then he will snap over what I think is a silly thing and it seems I have to wait for a while to have the sting of his snapping leave me...not fun...otherwise things are good. But the snap is usually unexpected and sucks the fun out of the air for me.

He is still chewing tobacco, which I hate...I hint and he listens but still chews.

Oh well...all in all, things are pretty good.