Thursday, July 28, 2011

Things are good here...

I have not been on for a while...hubby has been doing great, sugarwise and otherwise. I went to a writers conference and have been working on my novel to send to the agent who might be interested and our sons' band debuted in NYC so we have been away a lot. I have to say that all in all things have been wonderful. Tom's endocrinologist is so please that his readings are so much better. Life is good. I hope it is for all of you too. If not, my love and hugs for better days. XOXOXO

Sunday, July 3, 2011

good days

Sugar readings continue to be acceptable and mood = easy breezy. I am so pleased. Tuesday he has an MRI on his head to see how the tumor on his pituitary gland is doing. His sciatica situation is better but he certainly does not want to injure himself so he keeps a low profile in regards to trying to exercise. When we were in California we walked about a mile to a restaurant and then of course we ate and had to walk back, it was hard for him, he complained about his hip aching. But all in all, he is upbeat and his sugar readings are refreshingly acceptable after years and years of HIGH HIGH HIGH readings.

We were in California because I was attending the Santa Barbara Writers Conference. It was wonderful. I got a lot of good advice about making my novel better from those in the know. Evenings were spent listening to best selling authors: Clive Cussler, Erich Puchner, Drusilla Campbell, Simon Van Booy, and TC Boyle. It was a dream come true for me to participate in the workshops and hear the success stories. An agent is willing to look at my manuscript after I work on some things that were pointed out to me.

I am in a good place and it feels good. I hope this finds you in a good place too. HUGS and LOVE.