Sunday, July 8, 2012

Been a long long time...

Not much of a supportive buddy lately but I am back. hubby has been in good moods BUT NO PEP. Sleeping, eating, reading, watching TV....That's about all he seems to want to and can do. Blood sugar readings have been good for the most part and he is pretty disciplined about eating but not a saint...the thing i hate is that he quit chewing tobacco but went back to it. UGH...oh well. goods pep. We are hoping for more pep but not sure that will happen. Still no right eye peripheral vision after the stroke last January.

I sometimes feel sad because he so little pep. but we are going to go away for our 40th wedding anniversary so who knows...maybe away he will feel peppier and less tired.

hope you all are doing well.



  1. Lynn,
    sometimes the struggle of aging is just exacerbated by this stupid disease- it is just crummy!

    I made the decision this summer not to let more time get away.

    I know its a risk, but I am spending some savings this year

    we are taking a vacation in September
    (nothing crazy but Niagra Falls)

    I am spending time at our local pool
    and just pushing Tom to do stuff outside the same old stay at home pattern

    he admits he needs me to push him
    even though he fears the spending

    but I do it because I'm afraid that in 10 years when we are budgeted to have the money we won't be able to do it

    what fun is that?

    thank you for helping me remember
    I'm sorry that things are challenging for you now

    How is your health?

    Tom's Wife

  2. Oh Lynn....what are those mood pills? And sorry I get confused at times with all my blog DW friends...but is your hubby type 1 or 2 ? Take care of yourself and keep's sooooo helpful..

    (from TX DW)

  3. HEY My hubby is type II and is on pills and insulin daily and long lasting.
    I agree agree agree...I live about an hour and a half from the falls...hour south of Rochester! small world. In fact we honeymooned at the falls (Canadian side) forty years ago! HAVE FUN!
    Actually hubby is peppier today! So hurray!

    My health is controlled pretty carefully. Taking pills for thyroid and in support groups for the HAshimoto's, eliminated so many things I have it down pretty good. for the most part I feel good.

    thanks...buddy! So nice to reconnect again. HUGS